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Best game of every week on the 2019 NFL schedule

The 2019 NFL Schedule is officially out, and it’s time to look at the best games week by week.

Alas the 2019 NFL Schedule was released on Wednesday, and fans all over the world got a glimpse at what their Sunday schedule will look like for 17 straight weeks. However, not all matchups are of the same quality, and in this article we’ll break down the very best game out of each week in the NFL regular season.

While most will look to the primetime games as the best of the week, the NFL has done a good job of mixing in many great games into the Sunday afternoon schedule as well. Let’s take a look at this year’s best regular season games week by week.

Week 1

Indianapolis Colts @ Los Angeles Chargers – 4:05 p.m ET.

With most of the talk surrounding the Thursday night opener between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers, and the Sunday night opener between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots, lost in the mix of all the excitement in week one is the intriguing matchup between two AFC contenders in the Colts and the Chargers. While almost everyone will forget about this great matchup leading up to week one, look for this game to be the best matchup of the week.

Week 2

New Orleans Saints @ Los Angeles Rams – 4:25 p.m ET.

This one is pretty obvious. Even though there is an interesting matchup between the Cleveland Browns and the New York Jets on Monday Night Football, the storylines in the game between the Saints and the Rams will be too much. With the Saints coming into this game with probably tons of anger fueled by their loss in the NFC Championship Game, look for this to be one passionate and exciting football game.

Week 3

 Los Angeles Rams @ Cleveland Browns – 8:20 p.m ET. Sunday Night Football

Out of all the games this week, the Rams-Browns game sticks out like a sore thumb. When was the last time the Browns hosted a Sunday Night Football game? Regardless of how the Browns start the season, Cleveland will be pumped up for this game against the Rams. The Rams might blow the Browns out of stadium, but the anticipation leading up to it will make it the game of the week.

Week 4

Philadelphia Eagles @ Green Bay Packers – 8:20 p.m ET. Thursday Night Football 

If both the Eagles and Packers play up to their full potential and are healthy enough, this should be a great game to watch. Although the Packers looked pretty awful last season, it should be a surprise to no one if the Packers are a completely different team this year. There are some other great games this week, but this one will be the best one overall.

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