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Giants say they don’t need to draft a quarterback this year

Most mock drafts have the Giants selecting a quarterback in Round 1, but GM Dave Gettleman insists he won’t make a pick based on need.

Most teams with a 38-year-old starting quarterback wouldn’t argue with the notion that they should draft his successor. The Giants aren’t most NFL teams. Their General Manager, Dave Gettleman, is adamant that he won’t be forced to take a quarterback just because of his team’s need at the position.

Instead, Gettleman asserts that his team will make every selection based on getting the best player available when they’re put on the clock. He claims that drafting for need will “get you screwed every time.

In some ways, you have to admire Gettleman for his willingness to do things his own way. GMs less convinced of their own abilities would have acquired competition for Eli Manning last season. Instead, Gettleman spent the No. 2 pick in last year’s draft on Saquon Barkley in hopes that a new franchise running back could invigorate the Giants offense.

Barkley had a great rookie season but the plan didn’t lead New York to much success in terms of wins and losses. That caused many to believe the Giants might try to find competition for Manning in free agency. Gettleman passed on that as well.

Giants fans need to hope that Gettleman’s assertion that he doesn’t feel the need to draft a quarterback is just a simple attempt at misdirection. Even if he does believe it’s the direction the team needs to go with the No. 6 pick, its smart strategy to keep other teams off-balance. If everyone in the NFL believes the Giants are certain to take a signal caller with that pick it drastically increases the chances of someone moving ahead of New York to take the quarterback of their choice.

Raising the possibility that the Giants might draft a non-quarterback at No. 6 could also force a team that’s fallen in love with a prospect at a different position to make Gettleman an offer he can’t refuse. Coming away with a franchise quarterback is important, but the argument could be made that New York has so many holes to fill that trading down for additional draft capital could be a wise move. It would certainly give Gettleman and company more chances to come out of this draft with young stars to build around.

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In the end, it would be a mistake to take Gettleman at his word. It’s the season for lying in the NFL as the draft approaches. The more he can keep everyone guessing about the Giants’ real intentions the better off he’s going to be on Draft Day. The smart money still has the Giants looking to take a quarterback somewhere in Round 1.

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