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NFL Draft rumors: Jets want to move down, get more picks

The Jets made a big move up in last year’s draft to select Sam Darnold, but this year Mike Maccagnan and company want to move down from No. 3.

The Jets will head into the 2019 season with new uniforms, but even before that, they’ll approach the 2019 NFL Draft in a drastically different way than they acted last year. In 2018, New York moved up to grab Sam Darnold, but this year they’re looking to do the exact opposite.

GM Mike Maccagnan and his front office are reportedly working hard to find a team that wants to trade up and grab the No. 3 pick. The Jets would like to acquire significant draft capital to move down in Round 1. Specifically, Maccagnan wants to recoup the second rounder he gave up for Darnold in this year’s draft.

The trick, of course, will be finding a team that’s interested in moving up. The team’s best hope for a big offer is if they can identify a franchise that wants to move up to the third spot to draft their quarterback of the future. Kyler Murray is almost certainly going to go off the board at No. 1, but prospects like Dwayne Haskins, Drew Lock and Daniel Jones are all signal callers that also have first round grades. Haskins is probably the only one of that trio who might interest a team all the way up at No. 3.

It’s also possible the Jets can find a trade partner that is desperate to draft one of the class’ top defensive players. Nick Bosa is likely going to be drafted by the 49ers at No. 2, but that still leaves Josh Allen and Quinnen Williams on the board when the Jets pick comes up. Either dynamic defender could tempt a franchise to move up to New York’s spot. That’s less likely than a quarterback inspired deal but it’s certainly not impossible.

The real error the Jets front office has made is making it so obvious they want to trade down. The best way to get a big offer for a high pick is to float rumors of your interest in the prospects most likely to capture the attention of other teams. Instead, Maccagnan and company have effectively put a “for sale” sign on their first-round pick.

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The Jets may find a deal to trade down, but don’t look for them to net a massive haul. Their interest in getting off the No. 3 pick is too widely known for teams to give them too much in a trade.

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