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Report: Tyreek Hill’s son has been removed from his custody

Last month, news broke that police had taken reports of child abuse and neglect involving Tyreek Hill. Now, there are reports that his son has been removed from his custody.

The Kansas City Star is reporting that the three-year-old son of Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill has been removed from the custody of Hill and his the boy’s mother, Hill’s fiancee, Crystal Espinal. This follows two separate reports taken by police in early and mid-March for battery and child abuse and neglect.

The Kansas City Star also reported that Hill and Espinal have been navigating the family court system as this process has unfolded.

Sources have told The Star in recent weeks that Hill and his fiancee, Crystal Espinal, have been working through a family court process called a “child in need of care” case. The couple were at the Johnson County courthouse Wednesday.

Generally, child in need of care cases involve the Department for Children and Families and the county court in instances where there are concerns about a family situation. A judge and lawyers representing the parents and the child discuss and make decisions about the child’s safety and care.

It is not clear from the current reports exactly when Hill’s son was removed from his parent’s custody. Hill previously pleaded guilty to a charge of domestic assault involving Espinal back in 2015.

For their part, the Chiefs have been mostly mum on the subject. Both head coach Andy Reid and general manager Brett Veach have declined to offer any meaningful comments on the matter this week.

“I don’t want to make judgment on anything other than he is here and he is working. If there is anything to comment on, we will always put it out there for you. We are not hiding it,” Reid told reporters on the first day of offseason workouts, per The Kansas City Star.

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