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Dynasty fantasy football: Rookie draft order so far, pre-NFL Draft

Taking a look at where the incoming rookies are being valued in dynasty fantasy football drafts, before we know which team will draft them.

Ranking rookies before the NFL Draft, before we know their landing spots and surrounding cast, can be tenuous at best. So much will change on Thursday through Sunday during the draft, when we will finally know for certain where the rookies have landed.

However, for dynasty fantasy football players, it is important to assess players not only from a post-draft perspective, where our view of a player is colored by the team they landed on, but also from a pre-draft perspective. There are many reasons for this, not least of which is that often the team a player lands on can overly slant the view of a player toward the positive or the negative, so we ought to know how they are valued aside from landing spot.

I attempted in my rookie mock draft to lay out the order in which I would draft these rookies in a dynasty league, and if you trust my opinion that could be valuable for you. In this article I want to share not my ideas of where rookies should be drafted but where they actually are being drafted, according to information I’ve gleaned from my own high-stakes dynasty leagues.

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