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Jets should take advantage of Redskins’ desire to move up in draft

The New York Jets have made no secret of their willingness to trade down in the NFL Draft, and they should take full advantage of some desperation from the Washington Redskins.

It’s crazy to think how the tides have turned in New York in the last year. The Jets boldly traded up in the 2018 draft, sending three second round picks to the Indianapolis Colts for the right to eventually draft Sam Darnold, and this year they sit at No. 3 again.

This time around the Jets have hinted that they want to trade down, allowing General Manager Mike Maccagnan to recoup some draft capital to help the organization properly build for the long term. There hadn’t been much of an interest in teams going up in the draft with a weaker quarterback crop, but the Washington Redskins may have other ideas.

In summary, the Redskins are exploring moves into the top five of the draft and Dan Snyder has taken over the war room, so they may have identified a quarterback they believe can be a franchise guy. With the Giants sitting at No. 6, the Redskins may need to be bold to go up near the top of the draft to land their guy and prevent him from landing with Big Blue.

This is exactly what the Jets have to be hoping for, as a desperate Dan Snyder may be willing to overpay to jump from No. 15 all the way to the Jets’ slot at three. Moving back 12 spots in a draft where the Jets are guaranteed a premium defender if they stay put should cost a lot, and the Redskins could make Maccagnan an offer he can’t refuse.

Any deal would have to start with a second round pick, which the Jets lack after sending theirs to Indianapolis, and Washington’s 2020 first rounder. There would likely be additional picks coming the Jets’ way in this scenario, and if Snyder is desperate to land a guy like Dwayne Haskins he may part with more premium choices to ensure he gets the quarterback he wants.

The Jets haven’t traded down in the draft in a long time, but doing so here would be a prudent move for a franchise that needs a lot of talent to build a long term contender. Missing out on a guy like Quinnen Williams or Josh Allen would sting, but the Jets could end up filling several needs by pulling off a deal like this.

If Washington gives the Jets a second rounder this year and next year’s first round pick, the Jets should run to the podium to announce this trade. Even though the Jets should be improved this season, the goal remains to be in position to take over the AFC East after Tom Brady retires, and this kind of deal could put them in a better position to do just that.

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