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Broncos could trade Chris Harris at any moment during NFL Draft

Denver Broncos cornerback Chris Harris, Jr. has been the subject of trade speculation for the better part of the last two months. Is a deal close?

Two months ago it was reported that Pro Bowl corner Chris Harris could be on the move from the Denver Broncos, after demanding a trade in lieu of an impasse in contract negotiations.

With the second round of the NFL Draft kicking off on Friday, it seems like a deal is closer than ever. NFL Network reporter James Palmer indicated that the Broncos were fielding offers from multiple teams for their star defender.

Palmer reports that the general feeling is that a deal could definitely get done over the course of the NFL draft.

One would think that a 29-year-old top-tier cornerback hitting the trade market during the draft would create significant interest and buzz. It has. However, a trade will almost certainly require the new team to negotiate a new contract with Harris before the deal is completed. This complicates matters quite a bit, and also makes it tough to see a deal getting done on an expedited timeframe.

For Denver, this is simply a matter of deciding that Harris is not worth the $15 million per year investment that he seeks.

After trading back with Pittsburg in the first round Thursday, Denver now has two picks in the top 20 tonight. One would expect Denver to use one of their second round picks tonight on the position, regardless of whether a trade is completed, in the event that 2019 is his last season in the Mile High City. With only one cornerback off the board so far, Denver should have a chance at a solid contributor with their selection.

Teams to keep an eye on may include the Lions, the Eagles and the Panthers.

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