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Christian Wilkins nearly gives Roger Goodell a heart attack with his bro hug

The 2019 NFL Draft has certainly produced surprises, none more so than Christian Wilkins nearly killing Roger Goodell after the Dolphins selected him.

Christian Wilkins was filled with joy when Roger Goodell called his name in the 2019 NFL Draft as the No. 13 pick by the Miami Dolphins.

So happy that he nearly killed Goodell on stage.

This is not an exaggeration. Well, maybe a tad bit of exaggeration, but seeing the 6-3, 300 pound-Wilkins trying to do a buddy body slap with Goodell, had to have nearly sent him into a state of shock.

I know I would have nearly passed out.

Looking at the video, it is both sweet and terrifying at the exact same time. Seeing Wilkins filled with joy over realizing his dream of playing in the NFL, that’s something many football players dream about. So we can’t fault him for leaping into Goodell like a kid ready to rip the wrapping paper off of his presents on Christmas morning.

Having said that, this moment, in Goodell’s eyes, had to be horrifying.

He could have really gotten injured in front of the millions of people who are watching the Draft. Luckily for him, he was able to employ his defensive skills to avoid getting crushed to death by the defensive tackle. After he realized he was alive and still standing, he put on the biggest “holy crap, I’m alive!” smile we have ever seen.

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So, Goodell didn’t die tonight, thank God. But the Wilkins jump made for a prime moment that we all live to see in the growing circus that is the NFL Draft.

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