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Dave Gettleman apparently didn’t know Ohio State is in the Big Ten

New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman selected Daniel Jones at No. 6 overall when many thought Haskins should be the pick. Perhaps we now know why?

Dave Gettleman is going to have a hard time being an NFL general manager if he doesn’t know what conference Ohio State plays in.

Friday morning ESPN Sports Writer Seth Walder tweeted a transcript of his press conference from Thursday evening, in which Gettleman indicates he was able to watch Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins play in the Big 12 during college, as part of his scouting process.

Wait. What?

Perhaps the reason he ultimately chose Jones over Haskins was that he thought he was watching Ohio State, but was actually watching Kansas?

This has become yet another headline of poor decision making by the much-maligned shot-caller of the Giants. Whether it was choosing not to take a 2018 quarterback class (which most thought was much better than this one), trading starting receiving Odell Beckham, Jr., choosing to watch three series of a quarterback play, in the senior bowl, before taking him at sixth overall, or this. Gettleman has been a poster child for how not to run an NFL franchise.

The general manager for an NFL team should be held to minimum standards in terms of knowledge. Knowledge about of how the NFL works, how rosters are built, how to scout for talent and how NCAA football is organized.

Gettleman has failed that test, over and over again, and the New York Giants, residing in the largest city (and subsequently with the largest public microscope) in the country, should find someone new to take his place.

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