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NFL Draft: What the heck did the Raiders just do?!

The Oakland Raiders just made the first shocking pick of the 2019 NFL Draft.

The Oakland Raiders went off everyone’s draft board with their fourth-overall pick in the NFL Draft. Instead of taking a player like Josh Allen, who was considered a lock as a defensive lineman, they took Clelin Ferrell. It sounds like a joke, but they really did that.

The Raiders were reportedly dealing with some serious drama this week with their scouts, and they go off everyone’s board when taking the Clemson defensive lineman. This would be crazy if the Raiders didn’t pick again until the second round, but they have two other picks in the first round that they probably could have selected Ferrell in.

Now, this is the Raiders fanbase were talking about. This is a fanbase that’s usually over the top when things are normal in Raider Nation, but with the team leaving their city for Las Vegas, things are extra exciting we shall say. Obviously, the reactions held nothing back.

Many Raiders fans made the trek all the way to Nashville since their team had such a premier pick. They might have had dreams of taking their QB of the future possibly in Dwayne Haskins, or someone to ultimately replace Khalil Mack’s place as a pass rusher. Maybe Ferrell can become that one day, but others still on the board were much more likely.

Really, this was just bizarre.

This is a fan that knows pain. The Raiders have this positive in a top-five pick, and they basically traded back without getting compensation. Bill Belichick is known for reaching on some picks to get who he wants, but not with a pick this early. Especially when, again, YOU HAD TWO OTHER PICKS.

If that was the case, they’d have either Josh Allen or Ed Oliver and we really agree with you.

This wasn’t just a reach, this was unprecedented in the first round that high. This is Jon Gruden trying to outthink everyone in the world.

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I guess not everyone hated the pick. Good for you buddy, way to be positive. We completely disagree with you, but we appreciate the other approach.

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