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Report: Josh Rosen traded to Miami for second round pick imminent

The Cardinals and Dolphins are reportedly finalizing a deal that will send Josh Rosen to Miami for a mid-second round pick.

The Josh Rosen trade sweepstakes will reportedly be won by the Miami Dolphins.

Pro Football Talk reports a deal between the Miami Dolphins and the Arizona Cardinals is imminent. The compensation for last year’s No. 10 pick will be Miami’s second round pick, No. 48 overall.

It’s not a great haul for the Cardinals at all but they had to get something back for Rosen and this was the best offer they could get after devaluing their asset all offseason with their flirtation with Kyler Murray.

The rumors about Rosen being traded date back to the moment Kliff Kingsbury was hired to be the new head coach of the Cardinals. The first-time NFL head coach had previously indicated that he would draft the Oklahoma Heisman winner, Murray first overall if given the chance; and landing the job in Arizona gave him precisely the chance to do so.

After waffling back and forth of the last several months, apparently, to make good on his statement, the Cardinals settled on drafting the former Heisman Trophy winner. This move created an awkward situation of having two first round quarterbacks, taken in back-to-back drafts, on the same roster in Arizona.

Arizona attempted to obtain a first round pick for Rosen on Thursday night, but were unsuccessful. Miami became the most likely destination for Rosen after New York and Washington selected quarterbacks in the first round of the draft. This despite the speculation that by passing on Haskins, Miami had decided to tank for Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa.

The move is unlikely to prevent Miami from considering taking a top quarterback in the 2020 draft; but it certainly makes that speculation more tenuous. And, if Rosen has a successful season, it would put Miami in a position where drafting one of those top guys would not even be possible.

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