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Game of Thrones: Patrick Mahomes reviews ‘The Last of the Starks’

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and reigning NFL MVP loves Game of Thrones just as much as you and has some thoughts on this week’s episode.

You’re not the only one with some deep thoughts on Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones. Chiefs quarterback and NFL MVP, Patrick Mahomes, has some thoughts after seeing the events unfold on his TV screen.

If you haven’t seen Sunday’s episode, “The Last of the Starks” then you need to turn away now because Mahomes reacted in a big way to one of the shocking deaths.

Missandei was executed at the hands of The Mountain after Cersei ordered the beheading. This came after Euron’s fleet destroyed the ship she, Grey Worm, Tyrion, Varys and others were sailing on to arrive at King’s Landing that allowed them to abduct her.

It was a shocking death witnessed by Grey Worm who had a stomach-churning reaction and Daenerys who is about to go full-on Mad Queen and burn the city to the ground. In fact, Missandei’s last words were “Dracarys,” the instructions she gives to Drogon when she wants dragon fire.

Mahomes thinks Grey Worm might be so mad and seeking revenge that he could sack King’s Landing all on his own.

Many theories suggest it’ll either be Arya or Jaime who kills Cersei. However, we can’t rule out Grey Worm who has proven to be one of the best fighters in the realm. He’s survived battle after battle and he’s still standing. Could he get close enough to Cersei to kill her? Mahomes certainly thinks so.

I’m a little less convinced.

There is far more intrigue to Arya crossing off Cersei on her hit list or Jaime killing his twin sister/lover/mother of his three (dead) children. That said, if Grey Worm is the one to do it, Mahomes had it first.

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