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Ryan Shazier dancing at his wedding brings out the waterworks

Today’s Schmidt List looks at Ryan Shazier dancing at his wedding, the Warriors-Rockets series is actually bad and we say happy birthday to The Say Hey Kid.

Ryan Shazier dances at his wedding

The best story from the weekend you may have missed was Ryan Shazier dancing at his wedding. The injured Steelers linebacker was unable to move his legs after he was hurt making a tackle in a Dec. 4 game in 2017. I always cry at weddings and if I was at this one, the tears would have been flowing.

Warriors-Rockets is empty calories

It might be a matchup of the two best teams in the NBA, but Warriors-Rockets is bad basketball. But I can’t help but watch every second. It’s like late night trips to Taco Bell. I know the cheesy Gordita crunch isn’t good for me but I can’t help but love every damn bite.

Happy birthday Willie Mays

The say hey kid turns 88 today. One of, if not the greatest baseball players of all time having his birthday is the perfect reason to revisit “The Catch.” Mays made an incredible over-the-shoulder catch to rob Indians hitter Vic Wertz of extra bases in Game 1 of the 1954 World Series at the Polo Grounds in Upper Manhattan. One of the best feats in sports history.

International No Diet Day

Speaking of late night trips to Taco Bell, today May 6 is International No Diet Day. Make sure you hit up your favorite fast food joint, order your favorite pizza and don’t feel any guilt about the thousands of calories you’re putting in your body. It’s a holiday after all. That diet can start tomorrow.

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