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5 NFL coaches who could be fired during the 2019 season

It’s not a question of if any NFL coaches will be fired during the 2019 season, it’s only a matter of when. Keep a close eye on these five guys.

Patience is not a virtue possessed by many NFL owners. There’s a reason lots of people joke that the league’s initials actually stand for “not for long.” That maxim certainly applies to the league’s propensity to experience a lot of head coach turnover.

It’s safe to assume that multiple guys are going to lose their jobs during the 2019 season. That’s just the nature of the modern NFL. The real question is who might get axed before finishing their 16-game slate. The following five coaches should try very hard to get off to good starts or they might find themselves out of work before they reach their respective bye weeks.

5. Bill O’Brien

The Texans surprised a lot of people around the league by winning the AFC South with a record of 11-5 last season. It was particularly surprising given the lack of protection this team provides quarterback Deshaun Watson on a regular basis.

If Houston can’t find a way to protect their franchise quarterback, things could go south in a hurry. At some point, the Texans ownership might decide to fire O’Brien because of his inability to keep Watson upright. That might seem cruel for a coach who piloted the team to the playoffs last year, but O’Brien has enjoyed plenty of chances to upgrade his offensive line. He may pay for his inability to forge a quality up front with his job this season.

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