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Max Kellerman has truly awful hot takes on Kawhi Leonard, Larry Fitzgerald

Max Kellerman has a very bad, no good opinion on Larry Fitzgerald’s Hall of Fame resume.

You’ll be forgiven if you didn’t hear Max Kellerman say on First Take that Larry Fitzgerald may not be a Hall of Famer. After all, that wasn’t even the most ridiculous thing he said on Tuesday morning. This was also the same day he said Kawhi Leonard was more clutch than Kobe Bryant. No disrespect to Leonard, but Kobe didn’t get his Black Mamba nickname because he’s a big fan of snakes.

Kellerman, who had to be pressured by the show’s producers to produce these lukewarm takes, because there’s just no chance he believes it. Right?!

The Kobe-Kawhi argument is just so dumb, it doesn’t need a retort.

But the Fitzgerald Hall of Fame snub is just infuriating. His defense is he just stuck around for a long time and was never an MVP candidate. He realizes that receivers are never MVP candidates, right? By that logic, the Hall of Fame would be quarterbacks with a few running backs sprinkled.

Fitzgerald is third in career receptions behind Jerry Rice with 1,303 and will pass Tony Gonzalez for second-place with 23 catches this year. His 1,303 career receiving yards rank second to Jerry Rice and his 116 receiving touchdowns rank sixth all-time.

And what’s really impressive about those gaudy stats is he did it with quarterbacks like Max Hall, Kevin Kolb, John Skelton, Ryan Lindley, Matt Leinart and the ghost of Carson Palmer. Imagine his numbers if he played with a league-average quarterback for even half his career.

He’s been to 11 Pro Bowls, played in a Super Bowl, won a Walter Payton Man of the Year and is a sure-fire Hall of Famer.

Let this take from Kellerman serve as the latest evidence that watching First Take is not where you want to get informed sports opinions. His co-host doesn’t get let off the hook either. Stephen A. Smith was just nodding his head in acknowledgment.

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