5 most overpaid wide receivers in the NFL

Every NFL team wants to throw the ball more than ever before, but these five wide receivers aren’t producing enough to justify their salaries. 

A quick tour around NFL offenses makes it very obvious that the modern game is leaning towards the pass more than ever before. As such, finding quality wide receivers is a huge priority for every franchise. Some teams do a better job at finding value at the position than others.

The good news is that NFL general managers seem to do a better job of avoiding massive overpays for wide receivers. The bad contracts on the quarterback and running back lists are much more egregious than anything you’ll see at wideout.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t some bad deals out there. Read on to discover the identity of the five most overpaid receivers in the league this season.

5. Jarvis Landry

There’s a narrative out there that claims Jarvis Landry isn’t a good player. That simply isn’t true. He’s a quality possession receiver who can help his offense keep the chains moving. That doesn’t mean he’s worth the $15.1 million salary the Browns are paying him in 2019.

The eighth-highest paid receiver in the league should be someone who really troubles opposing secondaries. Landry just isn’t that sort of dynamic presence on the outside. He caught 81 balls last year but only averaged 12 yards per catch and four touchdowns. That was a marked improvement over what he produced for the Dolphins in 2017, but it’s still not good enough for a guy who wants to be considered one of the best receivers in the game.

There is at least a possibility that the arrival of Odell Beckham in Cleveland will give Landry another step up in productivity this year. He should see a lot of single coverage in the slot. If he can boost his yards per catch and touchdowns one more level, he’s got a chance to actually become a player worthy of his current level of compensation.

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