NCAA Basketball, New York Jets, San Jose Sharks

Will Zion return to Duke? What are the Jets thinking? Is the NHL fixed?

Only the Jets could make the Giants look like a competent front office, Zion Williamson has options and the refs hand the Sharks a big win.

Do the Jets know what they’re doing?

The Jets fired general manager Mike Mccagnan after allowing him to hire Adam Gase, spend the team’s money in free agency and run the draft.

And you thought the Giants had the most dysfunctional front office in the NFL?!

It’s not even the most dysfunctional front office in town after Gase was named interim manager.

Only in New York and only the J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS! could find a way to make Giants GM Dave Gettleman look somewhat sane by comparison.

Pump the brakes, Zion isn’t going back to Duke

The worst sports opinion now is Zion Williamson will return to Duke because he doesn’t want to play in New Orleans. These are the same dopes who said he should shut it down and prepare for the NBA after spraining his knee at Duke. And now they want him to ditch the NBA and go back to Duke? They are not Mensa members. There’s s a zero point zero chance Zion returns to Duke.

Refs hand Sharks the win

You gotta hand it to the Sharks, they are the luckiest team in the NHL. The Sharks beat the Blues in overtime after getting a hand from the refs who missed a hand pass from Timo Meier that allowed Erik Karlsson to pot the game-winner. Somehow this is not reviewable. The NHL looks like pro wrestling with this fix. San Jose now has the upper hand with a 2-1 series lead.

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