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Arch Manning looks like next in family quarterback lineage

Arch Manning played in a high school football scrimmage a few days ago, and the family’s legendary quarterback lineage may well continue.

If three NFL quarterbacks named Manning weren’t enough for you, a fourth may be coming around in approximately 2027.

Arch Manning, oldest son of Cooper, grandson of Archie and nephew of Peyton and Eli, is still in eighth grade. But on Friday night he took part in a scrimmage with the varsity team at Isidore Newman, where his dad and both uncles played their high school football at a high level. That’s a tough legacy to live up to.

There’s no way to confidently project anyone’s future in football, with the specter of career-altering injury always around the corner and the possibility talent shown now just won’t progress or translate down the road. Projecting from high school to anything beyond that is impossible.

But in January, Newman varsity football coach Nelson Stewart spoke highly of the youngest Manning to a television station in New Orleans.

“Nowadays with social media, and what’s out there, obviously the interest has started,” he said. Stewart added,

“As we say, he’s still an eighth-grader. He’s got a high football IQ. And he’s got two good uncles that have worked on some footwork, and throwing with him a little bit. He does look sound. If you look at his mechanics and his release, he’s further ahead than most we’ve had. I think he looks the part right now.”

Here’s a look at Arch Manning’s throwing session from January.

Here’s the clip from Friday night’s scrimmage against Shaw.

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If only in glimpses meant to highlight the good things taking place in relaxed settings, Arch Manning looks poised, polished, decisive and strong as a thrower of the football, with clear god-given gifts not everyone has. Simply put, he looks like a Manning.

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