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Darrell Henderson plans to take some of Todd Gurley’s touches away

Calling himself a “perfect fit” for the Rams offense, Darrell Henderson believes the Rams were the best landing spot possible for him to succeed.

When the Rams drafted running back Darrell Henderson in the third round, they seemed genuinely excited. General Manager Les Snead said Henderson would give the offense “a Kamara element,” referring to Alvin Kamara, the dynamic running back of the New Orleans Saints. Head Coach Sean McVay said Henderson was one of the players in the draft that stood out for them, and said he could “do some unique things for us offensively.”

Despite being drafted to a team which already has Todd Gurley, one of the best running backs in the league, Henderson agrees that it is a perfect match. He said the Rams were “the best system I could get in.” He also stated that the Rams offense is extremely similar to the offense his team ran while he played for the Memphis Tigers, where he racked up 25 touchdowns and totaled over 2,200 yards from scrimmage in 2018. While his level of competition wasn’t as difficult as some of the other backs in the draft, those numbers point to an extremely dynamic runner who can turn short gains into explosive plays.

It seems that is what the Rams mean when they say they think Henderson brings a Kamara element. They seem to envision giving Henderson a chunk of touches each game, whether in the passing or running game, and hoping he breaks off a big play. If so, those touches would necessarily come off of Gurley’s plate.

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However, as in New Orleans the last couple seasons, two backs can both be successful when they are splitting carries. In fact, with Gurley’s ongoing knee issues creating concern for not over-using him, splitting carries with Henderson might actually prolong Gurley’s career. The Rams are certainly hoping both backs can be wildly successful in 2019 and beyond.

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