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Antonio Brown didn’t bother to show at Raiders OTAs

As the Oakland Raiders’ OTAs began today, newly acquired Antonio Brown was nowhere to be found.

After a tumultuous offseason saw Antonio Brown slam his former team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and teammates such as Ben Roethlisberger, it seemed as if all was good when he was traded to the Oakland Raiders. Not only did Brown get the chance to leave Pittsburgh, but he got his wish to play in a city he liked. Oh, and he just signed a three-year contract with the Raiders worth a little over $50 million. Not bad.

One would think after all the stuff that went on with him during the offseason, Brown would show up at OTAs and try to act like the best professional athlete there is. However, Brown did the exact opposite. It was reported today that Antonio Brown did not appear for the Raiders first day of OTAs.

Considering Brown’s history, it really isn’t surprising he is already missing the chance to make a great first impression with his new team. While it does seem like he is excited to begin his new journey with the Raiders, apparently he does not feel the need to show his face to his new team as they begin their new season.

Yesterday, Roethlisberger issued an apology to Brown. It seemed as if Big Ben was being as sincere as possible and was confused as to why Brown was so angry at him. Rather than accepting Roethlisberger’s apology and moving forward, Brown tweeted a cryptic message in response to his former quarterback’s apology.

Besides Brown’s weird antics, let’s not forget that last year head coach, Jon Gruden mocked Khalil Mack for not showing up to OTAs before they traded him away to the Chicago Bears. Now that Brown is not showing up for OTAs either, it will be very interesting to see how the entire Raiders’ front office and coaching staff decides to deal with it.

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