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Colts and Andrew Luck are dealing with a new injury

Anytime Andrew Luck admits to being injured it sends some Colts fans into a panic. Fortunately, his latest malady seems to be pretty minor.

Colts fans hoping to see quarterback Andrew Luck build some rapport with his teammates during OTAs are set to be disappointed. The team’s franchise quarterback won’t be taking a single snap during the team’s upcoming workouts.

Luck isn’t staying away from the activities due to his veteran status. Instead, he’ll miss out because of a strained calf. Head coach Frank Reich was quick to point out to the media that he believes his signal caller’s industry is just a “little tweak” or “little strain.” The obvious implication there is Luck should be ready to go when the team’s preseason work begins in earnest.

Taking the conservative route with Luck at this point in the NFL calendar is clearly the right decision. It would be nice to see him get some throws in during OTAs, but nothing happening in May is going to define anything about the Colts’ ability to make a deep postseason run in 2019.

The easiest way for Indianapolis’ season to get derailed before it ever starts is to lose Luck to another injury. It was only two seasons ago when the franchise quarterback missed the entire regular season due to a complicated shoulder injury. Just 12 months ago there was serious concern around NFL circles as to whether or not Luck would ever be able to play at a high level again.

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Throwing for just under 4,600 yards in 16 games last season silenced all of those concerns for the time being. The last thing the Colts’ coaching staff wants to do is risk any kind of long-term injury for the most important player on their team. Discretion is clearly the better part of valor here. Colts fans should be happy with how their franchise is treating Luck.

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