5 teams the Browns should trade Duke Johnson to

If the Browns end up trading Duke Johnson, one of these five teams make a lot of sense as a destination.

John Dorsey got a bit snippy recently when asked, yet again, about the potential trade of running back Duke Johnson. Dorsey said, “You all don’t listen to me.” Then he said, “Duke Johnson is a viable member of this organization. He’s very talented. This organization has plans to use him.”

Be that as it may, Dorsey is a shrewd GM and is not going to come out and broadcast his plans. With high-end talents Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt on the roster, Duke Johnson has become expendable, even if he offers a bit different skill set than the other runners on the roster.

Further, since he is known as an excellent pass-catcher in an NFL increasingly moving toward the passing game, he would be an ideal target for many teams in need of such a player.

So, let’s examine 5 teams that would be ideal trade destinations for Johnson, in case John Dorsey is blowing smoke and is actually quite willing to trade him – perhaps for a fourth-round pick or something in that range.

5. Dallas Cowboys

Ezekiel Elliott has proven himself not only a great runner but a talented pass-catcher as well, but the Cowboys need to be cognizant of his snap counts. He played in nearly 900 snaps last year and was on the field for over 80% of the offensive snaps. That is a recipe for him breaking down.

What is more, they lost Rod Smith in free agency this off-season, so they are left with only unproven young players behind Elliott. The Cowboys trading for Duke Johnson would be a brilliant move. They could get him for cheap, and he would add another back who could come in either as a third-down back or in two-back sets with Elliott, to keep the defense guessing.

This would be an inexpensive way for Dallas to upgrade its offensive firepower in a potentially impactful way.

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