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NFL QB’s ranked by beer-chugging prowess: Mitchell Trubisky is King in the (NFC) North

When it comes to chugging beers, these NFL quarterbacks are clearly the best, while Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers is clearly the worst.

Aaron Rodgers may never recover from his beer blunder. After his worst season in years, Rodgers has been at the center of controversy this offseason due to his inability to chug a beer. This is a shameful act for any and all Wisconsin residents, but as the Packers quarterback, Rodgers may have to go in hiding until September.

Rodgers was removed as the King in the NFC North when Mitchell Trubisky and the Chicago Bears defense overthrew him last year. Trubisky now owns a two-game winning streak vs. Rodgers who may never recover from this.

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford handed Rodgers a second loss in the NFC North. Who says he can’t perform without Calvin Johnson?!

Reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes had no trouble pounding his beverage at the Stanley Cup Final. Although this comes with some controversy. No way that can was full. I’m not one to question the integrity of the future Hall of Famer so I will just applaud him for having fun and not quitting mid-sip like Rodgers.

Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen only completed 52.8 percent of passes as a rookie but finished 100 percent of this brew. Allen showing nice dual-threat ability with this walk-and-chug. This is what he’s a fantasy sleeper.

Any conversation about NFL quarterbacks wouldn’t be complete without Tom Brady. The GOAT on the field is also the GOAT when it comes to slamming brews.

The only one who can top this is Baker Mayfield.

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