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Chiefs sign Harrison Butker to 5-year extension

The Kansas City Chiefs unearthed Harrison Butker from the Carolina Panthers practice squad, and they’ve now decided to reward him with a five-year contract extension.

There’s no doubt that the Kansas City Chiefs only goal going forward is to win the Super Bowl, and they came agonizingly close to punching their ticket to the big game in Patrick Mahomes’s first season as a starting quarterback. Keeping together their most important players will be a major key for the Chiefs organization, and one of those key members of the roster is kicker Harrison Butker.

According to FanSided.com’s Matt Verderame, the Chiefs have signed Butker to a five-year extension with more than $9 million guaranteed. Since Butker had one year left on his contract, the former seventh-round pick out of Georgia Tech now has six years on his deal with the Chiefs.

After nailing 90.5% of his field goals in his first season with the Chiefs in 2017, Butker was arguably better in 2018, even if his field goal percentage went down a couple of pegs. He never missed a kick within 40 yards and was 65-for-69 from extra points. Since the Chiefs offense will continue to score a heavy dose of touchdowns with Mahomes dealing as the league’s best quarterback, Butker will continued to be called into action on extra points.

Butker’s accuracy, consistency, and ability to succeed under pressure have made him a fan favorite in Kansas City. Chiefs fans are happy that the team have locked up their kicker for five more years, and they’ll hope that Butker can be involved in some important moments going forward.

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The future is bright in Kansas City, and every Super Bowl contender needs to have a kicker they can rely on in the postseason. It looks like the Chiefs have their man in Butker, whose rise to prominence after being a practice squad player on the Carolina Panthers has been nothing short of awesome.

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