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Amari Cooper wants the Cowboys to pay Dak Prescott

The Cowboys may not be in any hurry to give Dak Prescott a huge contract, but Amari Cooper wants his quarterback to get paid. 

Amari Cooper doesn’t necessarily get to advise the Cowboys front office what they should pay Dak Prescott, but he is happy to voice support for his quarterback. He believes Jerry Jones and company should compensate Prescott like one of the top signal callers in the NFL.

Specifically, Cooper admires Prescott’s work ethic. He claims that his passer “takes every rep seriously.” That, combined with his obvious durability set him apart from the competition in the eyes of Dallas’ No. 1 wide receiver. Unlike some of his peers, Prescott hasn’t missed a single game since taking over as the team’s starter during his rookie season.

There’s no doubt that Prescott will get a massive raise over the $2.1 million he will make during the 2019 season. The question is just how far the Cowboys will go to lock down their franchise quarterback. Prescott’s camp will likely try to start negotiations at a salary that would make their client the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL, but there are valid questions over whether or not he’s worth that hefty price tag.

Throughout his career Prescott has been a very steady quarterback, but he’s struggled to elevate his offense when he’s not surrounded with a lot of weapons. That criticism can be leveled at a lot of quarterbacks, but Prescott isn’t looking for a league average deal. If he wants to be paid like the best in the game, he needs to be able to turn decent players into stars.

Fortunately for Prescott, he can’t complain about a lack of weapons any longer. Last season’s trade to bring Cooper into the mix gives him a legitimate Pro Bowl wide receiver to lean on. In many ways, Prescott and Cooper’s success are tied together. Perhaps it isn’t a surprise that a wide receiver wants his quarterback to be taken care of by ownership.

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In the very near future, the Cowboys will almost certainly hand both Prescott and Cooper big deals. Exactly how far they can power their team into the postseason may have a significant impact on their future earnings. Don’t be surprised if both Prescott and Cooper have big seasons to help secure their financial futures.

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