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Bruce Arians and Tom Brady are the NFL’s new power couple

Introducing for the first time, the NFL’s new power couple: Tom Brady and Bruce Arians, coming together to make the Tampa Bay Buccaneers relevant again.

Tom Brady has Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans all over the world firing the cannons on Tuesday!

Though it won’t be official until Wednesday, the greatest quarterback of all time plans to chart a new course away from the Boston Harbor and into the Gulf of Mexico. Brady is expected to join Tampa Bay in his impending free agency after having spent the last 20 years of his illustrious NFL career with the New England Patriots. The Brady/Bill Belichick era is officially dead, so…

Together, Brady and head coach Bruce Arians can make the Buccaneers not only relevant again, but a serious Super Bowl contender in the NFC South.

Not only will TB12 powder be flying off the shelves in the Tampa Bay area, but Arians will have himself yet another elite quarterback to work with. Though he may not buy into “no risk it, no biscuit,” Arians knows Brady has the special sauce to give him that Lombardi Trophy he came out of retirement for. This partnership could change the tides of the entire NFC.

Tampa Bay has been nothing short of a laughingstock since firing Jon Gruden. The Buccaneers haven’t reached the playoffs since the second Bush Administration. All three of their division rivals have won the NFC South at least three times apiece since, as well as making it to a Super Bowl. But by adding Brady, maybe it is Arians’ Buccaneers who get the last laugh?

The NFC South is a loaded quarterback division with three future Hall of Famers and another former first-round pick. Brady and the New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees are locks for Canton. The Atlanta Falcons’ Matt Ryan is well on his way to earning a gold jacket. Even Teddy Bridgewater of the Carolina Panthers is impossible not to like, given all he has had to overcome.

Brady will beat his new rival quarterbacks, and they might beat him a few times. However, the biggest reason Tampa Bay can contend for a Super Bowl is it will no longer be at a disadvantage at the position. No longer will Jameis Winston be throwing interceptions like he’s trying to emulate his Heisman/Buccaneers brethren Vinny Testaverde. Brady provides stability.

In the past, the Buccaneers have been less menacing than a child dressed up as a pirate for Halloween. By adding Brady, Arians can take his Mötley Crüe into any arena with victory on his mind.

Fire the cannons. Raise the Jolly Roger. Take a walk on the wild side. Buccaneers football is back.

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