Buffalo Bills, NFL Mock Draft

Buffalo Bills full 2020 mock draft

NFL free agency has changed the calculus heading into the draft for the Buffalo Bills. Here’s what would a successful Bills draft would look like in April.

Before free agency kicked off, the Buffalo Bills radically altered the direction of their own NFL Draft strategy when they completed a trade with the Minnesota Vikings for their disgruntled former first-round pick wide receiver, Stefon Diggs.

There are two reasons why this trade alters in Bills’ Draft.

First, the team has solved one of its biggest issues in finding a true top wideout to line up next to John Brown. Second, and more obviously, the team gave up its first-round pick in the deal (and others), so many of the players they may have targeted at No. 22 can now be removed from their board.

Still, it’s not as if the now-contending Bills are worry-free. They have several places on the roster where they must get better in order to compete in an AFC that features the defending Super Bowl Champions largely intact, and the last two NFL MVPs.

Our own Jordan Foote has outlined the biggest team needs for us, and we’ll use to consider who to use their draft picks on: a RB2, a TE2, OL, an edge rusher.

While they’ll have the luxury of taking mostly the best player available at these positions depending on how the board falls, they do need to address them at some point.

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