What should Chris Godwin demand from Tom Brady to give up No. 12?

Tom Brady surely wants to keep wearing No. 12 for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but what should Chris Godwin demand to give it up?

Since Tom Brady officially signed on the dotted line, his Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ jersey is flying off the online shelves despite it not being official what number he will wear and the team set to unveil new uniforms this spring.

Brady, of course, wore No. 12 throughout his career with the New England Patriots, and the number has extended to be directly associated with his off-field “TB12” brand. But wide receiver Chris Godwin wears No. 12 for the Buccaneers, so if Brady wants to keep wearing the number he will have to convince one of his new wide receivers to relinquish it.

Godwin has worn No. 12 since high school, and it’s in his Twitter handle (CGtwelve_). So it’s pretty important to him too. His wife even goes by @_misstwelve on Instagram.

Godwin has already said the number didn’t specifically come up in the first conversation with Brady, but he would give up No. 12 without much of a fight.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be a price involved though.

So what should Godwin demand from Brady to give him No. 12? Here are some ideas.

  • Money-$12,000? Is $12 million to big of an ask?
  • A piece of jewelry (a watch or necklace/chain?) with a 12-karat something, the number 12 or maybe Godwin’s new number on it.
  • Perhaps a donation to a charity of Godwin’s choosing?

Or if Godwin really wanted to get aggressive, maybe he’d ask for a new vehicle or a significant contribution to a major purchase he has otherwise been waiting on. A third-round pick entering the final year of his rookie deal, Godwin has not yet signed a life-changing contract.

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Of course, it all comes down to Brady. If he is willing to switch numbers for the next chapter of his career, the cost of getting No. 12 away from Godwin is a moot point. But the fourth-year wide receiver has some bargaining leverage if he really wants to use it.

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