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Coming to the defense of the Los Angeles Rams’ new logo

Everyone has been piling on the Los Angeles Rams new logo, but in reality, stacked up against other logos, the Rams’ modern take isn’t so bad.

I’ll admit it — The Los Angeles Rams’ new logo is a meme fan’s dream. Part of the reason why I’m even getting through this quarantine half-way sane is by laughing at all of the memes that folks have created out of that logo.

In a lot of respects, I can see why some folks think the Rams’ new logo is the worst known to man. It’s overly simplistic and looks like the second coming of the Internet Explorer logo, not something that belongs on the helmets of an NFL team looking to make a run at the Super Bowl next season.

I mean, who in God’s name will fear that logo?

However, I feel as though someone needs to come to the defense of the logo, and that’s where I come in.

Yes, the new logo isn’t that bad.

Why? Well, for starters, we’ve seen worse throughout sports history. Contrary to what some Cleveland Browns fans may be saying, that logo is still the worst in the NFL. At least the Rams logo has some personality to it. The Browns logo has all of the personality of my brown tile floor.

Oh, I see you San Francisco 49ers fans trying to poke fun at your rivals down to the south. 29-years-ago, your team thought it was a great idea to switch up their logo and go for a more “90s look.” The result:

Yes, it only lasted for a day and the person behind that laughably awful logo was hopefully fired and banned from every working on sports logos again, but the proof is out there that you went through your bad-logo-we-all-laughed at period too, so stop talking.

I can go on-and-on.

There are two points I bring up: The first is that every team has had its “questionable logo” period (except for the Dallas Cowboys, the greatest logo ever invented), so no one has even the airspace to poke fun at the Rams new logo. The second point is that its meme-worthy status is what makes it so great. How many other sports logs are so meme-ready as this logo?

I could write an entire column just on the sheer amount of memes this logo has generated in just two days, and, in my honest opinion, that’s what makes the new Rams logo so awesome. So please, let stop all of the “we have to change this awful logo talk” and appreciate the Rams new logo for what it is — the best morning show logo ever created.

God bless whoever came up with this work of meme art.

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