Does the new Rams logo really suck that much?

The Los Angeles Rams unleashed their new logo much to the chagrin of the fine folks on social media. Their new logo can’t be this bad, right?

So the Los Angeles Rams changed their logo the other day and man, was it something else.

Yahoo’s Charles Robinson leaked a picture of a hat back on March 8 featuring what looked to be the new Rams’ logo. Unfortunately, this was indeed the new Rams’ logo. With a Trumpian blonde comb over, it was the kind of disappointment we’d expect out of Los Angeles’ other NFL team not the one we’ve come to regard as revolutionary over the last few years.

Sadly, things only got worse for the Rams from there.

There were jokes aplenty on social media dragging this Charger-y looking logo through the mud. It not only resembles the Commander-in-Chief’s hairstyle, but could also function as the logo for your local news affiliate. And then, they just made a complete Sacramento KANGZ! level botch-job out of it.

Not only do they look like they’re selling ads for a local news channel instead of PSLs for brand-new SoFi Stadium, but the Rams unleashed a secondary logo with what looks like the face of a ram. Admittedly, the horns are pretty cool, but take one look at this monstrosity’s face. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. Let’s just hope Dick Cheney is an L.A. Rams fan then.

To further exacerbate things, it looks like the Rams are blatantly ripping off the Angelo State Rams with their new look. Rule No. 1 one in life is you don’t mess with Texas. The Rams are doing their very best to steal what is rightfully San Angelo’s. It’s on par with the Vegas Golden Knights deciding to essentially make the Army Black Knights’ their own.

So far, they’ve gotten away with it.

You then stole Angelo State’s great idea and shamelessly ruined it by giving a beautiful animal like a ram a nose better served working in the adult industry down in the San Fernando Valley. These logos even made Michael Jordan cry. And not only did you get everything under the sun totally wrong, but the Los Angeles Chargers of all NFL teams took you to the woodshed about a day later.

The Bolts, who are your new SoFi Stadium tenants by the way, are bringing back the powder blues. They gave us a crisper, cleaner and less “distracting” logo than the Rams. The season hasn’t even started yet and the Chargers are already winning.

So does the new Rams logo suck? The answer is a resounding yes, but let’s just hope their football team doesn’t suck as bad as their new logos.

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