2020 NFL Draft: 5 overrated prospects that will go in Round 1


First-round picks are drafted to be franchise cornerstones. These five prospects might get the general manager that selects them fired. 

Every NFL team believes their first round draft pick will develop into a key contributor for their franchise for a decade or more. The reality is that there will be more busts than hits. Fans of teams that draft the five players on this list should be particularly concerned.

For the record, not everyone on this list is going to be a bust. Landing on this list means the prospect is overrated, not useless. For example, Joe Burrow might fall onto this list if he just projected to become an average NFL starter. The No. 1 overall pick should be destined for stardom. Don’t worry Bengals fans, Burrow is not a name you will read in this piece.

Instead, let’s start with a different quarterback who is slated to go in Round 1. The player in question has a better chance of starting in the XFL game than the Pro Bowl in the next five years.

5. Jordan Love

The fascination NFL teams have with Love’s physical gifts is understandable. He’s got the arm strength to make some incredible throws. Unfortunately for the team that selects him, too many of those throws end up in the hands of the other team.

Love wasn’t blessed with terrific talent during his collegiate career at Utah State, but that doesn’t mean his touchdown to interception ratio of 20:17 in 2019 is understandable. It’s a major red flag for scouts who are paying attention.

The biggest issue with Love’s draft stock is that it might put him in position to land with a team that needs him to play right away. That’s a disaster waiting to happen. He’s nowhere near ready to play meaningful snaps in the NFL.

Love’s ceiling might be in the Pro Bowl, but his floor is being out of the NFL after his rookie contract is through. That’s too much variance for a first-round pick. He’ll go on Day One because he’s a quarterback, but he’s a third-round talent.

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