Saints roast Falcons’ Twitter with savage 28-3 burn

The Falcons social media team tried to poke fun at their NFC South brethren. Instead, their Saints counterparts burned them to the ground with their reply.

The Falcons and Saints can’t settle their differences on the field at the moment, so both franchises are being forced to rely on social media instead. It’s safe to say the Saints have emphatically won that battle.

It all started when the Falcons tried to post a clever graphic asking fans to “choose three” of their favorite teams from a graphic filled with NFC South logos. Atlanta was the only franchise that had three options available.

The Saints’ social media team decided they weren’t in the mood for the Falcons’ jokes. Instead of making a conventional selection, they chose the numbers 2, 8 and 3. That served as an obvious hot across the bow at the Falcons in reference to their epic Super Bowl choke job against the Patriots. In that game, Atlanta managed to blow what seemed like an insurmountable 28-3 lead against New England.

NFL fans looking to be entertained in the midst of a pandemic can only hope this sparks a string of social media barbs between franchises all across the league.

At the very least, the Buccaneers and Panthers need to get into the mix. They can’t allow their NFC South rivals to have all the fun.

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At best, NFL fans can hope to enjoy full-scale warfare between every team’s social media department. That kind of banter could be just what millions of fans suffering with life without sports needs to cheer up their day-to-day-lives.

Credit the Falcons, and especially the Saints, for giving us something to laugh at during these crazy times.

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