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Atlanta Falcons fans are not happy with the new uniforms

Atlanta Falcons fans hoping for cool new uniforms were instead met with the opposite of that, and they’re not happy.

Back to black. That is the overall theme for the Atlanta Falcons new uniforms that will hit the field in 2020. The team was set to unveil the new threads on Tuesday, but after leaks on Twitter and across the internet, owner Arthur Blank decided to unveil the new look today.

Overall, the Falcons will have eight different uniform combinations that they can wear, including a throwback much like the one they have been wearing for years. This marks the first uniform overhaul in 17 years for Atlanta.

The team unveiled their new look in a video that the team tweeted out this morning, which can be seen below.

The video though, shows only four of the teams eight options. The all-black look will be their primary home uniform, while they will go with all-white on the road. A red-gradient alternate jersey and the throwback are also on display. Additional images show all of the combos available.

Fan reaction to the uniforms has not gone very well for the Falcons, with many pointing out the XFL-look of it all. The red-gradient jersey is by far one of the worst in the league now, and fans are letting them know it.

One of the best Twitter roasts came from Siraj Hashmi, of course referencing the Falcons blown 28-3 lead against the Patriots in Super Bowl LI.

Over time, fans may change their tune with these uniforms, but it’s especially tough for Atlanta after rival Tampa Bay received more glowing reviews for their change yesterday. The Falcons may now be viewed like the previous Buccaneers jerseys were, and so they could end up changing uniforms once again when they are allowed to.

Worst case, the Falcons could opt to wear the beloved throwback uniform as much as possible if public outcry doesn’t die down as the 2020 NFL season goes on.

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