Houston Texans and 4 other teams that need to change their uniforms right now

NFL teams are switching up their look at a rapid pace, but there are some franchises that would be smart to get in on the dress change. 

New uniforms are always fun. The anticipation of what your favorite team’s new look will be is met with either joy that your dreams have come true or the agitation of disappointment.

We’ve seen both sides of this coin already in 2020. The Rams and Falcons switched up their look only to get roasted by anyone with eyesight. Meanwhile, the Buccaneers and Chargers mixed things up in a way that was met with praise.

It got us thinking about some other teams that should think about making a uniform change, sooner rather than later.

Cincinnati Bengals

Orange and black are an interesting color combo, one that can either look cool or make you look like an unofficial mascot for Halloween. The Bengals don’t have terrible uniforms but given the fact they’re about to start the franchise over with Joe Burrow, it might be time to update their look.

The Bengals are one of a few teams in the NFL that can change a look without really changing it. There are only so many things you can do with tiger stripes, and Cincinnati has done them all. Subtle change is still change, though, and the Bengals would be wise to think about ways to distinguish where they’re going from where they’ve been.

It’s a new decade, the Bengals will have a new quarterback, and with that comes hope that things will be different in the next ten years than they were in the last.

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