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Sean Payton trolls Falcons fan on Twitter with Super Bowl LI reference

New Orleans Saints heach coach Sean Payton had a little fun on Twitter this week, when he responded to an Atlanta Falcons fan with an acrostic reply.

Atlanta Falcons fans have had a rough week on social media. If anything, they probably will want to stay off Twitter for a few days, especially after the world threw some pretty hilarious shade at them. New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton was the latest to attack, and did it completely under the radar.

On Thursday, the Falcons revealed details for their new jerseys for the upcoming season. Payton simply replied to his NFC South division rival by saying “Impressive.” It didn’t come off as snarky or rude, and it garnered a lot of likes for his comment. Then we meet a Falcons fan who didn’t take kindly to Payton offering his opinion.

A fan by the nickname of “Shaka In Atlanta” decided to step up to the stage in the comments. He replied to Payton’s comment with a picture of a CNN headline from January 2019, which said “Sean Payton ate ice cream and watched Netflix for three days after Saints loss.” The image was in in reference to the 26-23 loss that the Saints suffered to the Los Angeles Rams in the 2019 NFC Championship. But I’m pretty sure he wasn’t expecting what happened next.

Shaka suggested that Payton just stay at home and give him some show reviews. So Payton did what he was asked, and offered some material to watch. But there was an underlying message that caught fire pretty quickly.

If you look at Payton’s reply, the first character of each line will spell out “28 To 3.” For those keeping score at home, 28-3 was the lead that the Falcons had on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI. As we know now, the Patriots infamously scored 31 unanswered points to claim a shocking 34-28 victory.

Shaka tried to respond with a message of his own, spelling out 26-9. That came from the final score of meeting between the Falcons and Saints last November, which snapped the Saints’ six-game winning streak. It was a valiant attempt to reply to Payton, but the damage was done at this point. The coach dropped the hammer and let the Twitterverse know he’s not one to pick on.

With sports being shut down, this comical exchange between a fan and a rival coach was more than enough to kick the weekend off in hilarious fashion.

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