Titans’ comments on Jadeveon Clowney have purpose

The Titans are still interested in adding Jadeveon Clowney. Their latest comments on the subject are designed to lower his asking price. 

Jadeveon Clowney has the natural ability to turn the Titans from good to great. That’s why officials in Tennessee are trying to exert some subtle pressure on the talented edge rusher to lower his asking price.

General manager Jon Robinson recently told the media that the Titans haven’t “closed the door” on the idea of signing Clowney. He quickly followed that up by insisting that what the franchise does in this week’s NFL Draft might influence the team’s interest/ability to ink the former Seahawks star.

Expect the comments to resonate loudly and clearly with Clowney and his representatives. They are keenly aware the talented edge rusher is running out of potential landing spots. The Titans are one of a handful of teams still with the cap space available to make Clowney a competitive offer.

According to Over The Cap, the Titans still have $22 million in open cap space. Some of that money will be evaporated to sign the team’s upcoming draft picks. First round selections, in particular, could eat into that number enough to hurt Clowney’s potential earnings.

The Titans could also elect to use their late first-round pick on an edge rusher. Ostensibly, that would alleviate Tennessee’s need to add Clowney to the mix. A player drafted in late Round 1 wouldn’t give the team’s defense the boost that Clowney would, but they could add enough to convince the team’s front office to spend their remaining free agency cash elsewhere.

Add it all up and it’s clear that the Titans and Clowney are engaged in a high stakes game of chicken. The team clearly hasn’t offered the player a salary big enough to satisfy his demands as of yet. Conversely, the player hasn’t quoted a price for Tennessee that they’re willing to pay.

Expect the matter to be resolved quickly. If the Titans make a move up in Round 1 or use their current selection to draft an edge rusher than it will send a clear signal that they’re out on Clowney. If, conversely, they move down it could be a big hint that they feel they’re close to landing one of the best players hanging out there in free agency.

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The clock is ticking loudly on Clowney’s chances of getting a big deal with the Titans. This week should make or break that opportunity for the prolific edge rusher.

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