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Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2020 NFL Draft grades: Antoine Winfield leads an All-Star class

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers turned in one of the best drafts the franchise has ever seen, as the stars continue to align for them.


Tristian Wirfs

OT Iowa

It was believed that the Buccaneers were going to have to trade up to land one of the top tackles in the draft. Turns out that was sort of true, but rather than move into the Top-10 and sacrifice their draft capital, all it took was moving up one spot.

Tristian Wirfs falling to the Bucs is the latest in a weird string of stars aligning in Tampa Bay.

Beyond the obvious (protecting Tom Brady), Wirfs is an anchor who could be a massive part of the Bucs offense for years to come. Brady’s stay in Tampa is going to be short, but whoever comes in after him is going to have a massive pillar of protection in Wirfs. That’s what makes this pick so unbelievable for the Bucs, it’s a foundation for a future — something that many have tried to establish before and have failed.

Making matters better for Tampa Bay, Wirfs joins an offensive line that is already really good. His addition means this could be a top O-Line in all of football and the envy of teams everywhere — again, something the Buccaneers have tried to be and embarrassingly failed.

Jason Licht missed bad on Jameis Winston, but he made up for it with a new franchise pillar in Wirfs.

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