What does Andy Dalton signing with the Cowboys mean for Dak?

The Dallas Cowboys have decided to sign Andy Dalton which brings Dak Prescott’s future into question as Prescott is currently at a contractual standoff.

Jerry Jones may have just motivated Dak Prescott’s camp to get a deal done sooner rather than later. The Cowboys’ recent transaction almost feels like a high school relationship, dating the new person to make the old one jealous. This is what the Dallas Cowboys are doing by signing Andy Dalton on Saturday, May 2.

For the past year, the Cowboys and Prescott have been at a standstill. At first, it was the Cowboys who were not willing to give Prescott an extension prior to the 2019 season. Prescott still decided to play out that 2019 season on a lame-duck year.

Earlier this offseason, the Cowboys reportedly offered Prescott a $105 million guaranteed deal where he’d average about $33 million per year. Prescott declined that offer. The Cowboys brass would up the deal and offered Prescott the NFL’s top salary. This contract would reportedly give Prescott about $35 million per year with a length of five years, according to CBS Sports.

With that deal, the length is brought into question. Prescott’s team would like a shorter-term knowing the market will soon reset. However, the Cowboys would like to lock him in for a longer-term deal to save money in the long run.

This contract has taken Prescott’s focus off the 2020 season. Last month, it was reported Prescott would not participate in virtual workouts. So for the Cowboys, Dalton’s signing seems like insurance.

If Prescott isn’t ready for the season they have a veteran who can take his job. With Dalton on a one year deal, it is perfect for the Cowboys. If they somehow get a deal done with Prescott, then it is business as usual. If not, Dalton has a year to prove himself to the Cowboys who can move forward with him as a bridge quarterback if he impresses.

But what the Cowboys are hoping, is that Dalton’s signing motivates Prescott to get a deal done soon, knowing his job may be in jeopardy.

The Cowboys are expected to franchise tag Prescott if a deal isn’t met by July 15.

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