5 teams who can help Mitch Trubisky revive his career

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The clock is now officially ticking on his tenure with the Chicago Bears, but these five teams could give Mitch Trubisky a chance to revive his career.

If the trade for Nick Foles wasn’t enough proof, the Chicago Bears have officially given up on Mitch Trubisky by not picking up his fifth-year option. Committing to $24.8 million for 2021 would have been foolish, even with it technically only guaranteed for injury.

There’s still the possibility of a competition for the starting job, but Trubisky is now all but certain to go into the 2020 season as Foles’ backup. It’s not as if Foles is good enough himself to keep a change from happening though, as a wider sample of his work always exposes his flaws. It’s also possible, though not very likely, that the Bears would be compelled to trade Trubisky if a team came calling either before the season or between Week 1 and the typical trade deadline.

In any case, barring something unforeseen, Trubisky will continue his career elsewhere in 2021. He will not be promised a starting job anywhere, even as other coaches think they can fix him, but the right situation could help the No. 2 pick in the 2017 draft gets his career back on track. It’s not as if the Bears have a great history of developing quarterbacks, and they often seem to wreck them, so a change of scenery will only be beneficial.

As Trubisky looks toward the future, these five teams could offer him a chance to revive his career.

5. Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders are itching to move on from Derek Carr, no matter what tepid praise Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock offer, and it’s virtually certain they’ll do so next offseason (if not before, if Carr struggles this season and Marcus Mariota plays well in his place). Taking a quarterback in the 2021 draft seems likely.

It depends on the path the Raiders take with quarterbacks next offseason, including a potential trade for Aaron Rodgers, But taking a flier on Trubisky will be an option in the proper circumstance, and despite how hard he can be on quarterbacks there are worse things than working with Gruden.

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