Joe Burrow knows what his first big purchase will be after he signs Bengals contract

Joe Burrow is set to cash in when he signs his NFL contract as the No. 1 pick of the Cincinnati Bengals and he’s already decided on one of his first big purchases.

Joe Burrow is about to be a really rich man. After being the No. 1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft by the Cincinnati Bengals, the former LSU quarterback is set to cash in with his NFL contract.

As the top pick in the draft, Burrow will sign a contract worth $36 million and $24 million in guaranteed money. Burrow has yet to sign his contract, and no other rookie has signed as the social distancing has led to an inability for athletes to get their physical. He’ll sign it eventually and there will be no contract drama. So don’t worry about that Bengals fans.

And Burrow has already decided what one of his big first purchases will be once he starts getting his NFL money. Burrow is ready to hire a personal chef to help make sure he’s fueling his body with the right foods and to make sure he’s not dining on frozen pizzas as he begins his NFL career.

After Burrow was drafted and he met the assembled media, he fielded a ton of questions, and one of the questions was about how his body has changed. Here’s Burrow’s answer, per Tiger Details.

“I’ve leaned out a lot the last few weeks. It helps when you have money to buy the right kind of food. That’s one of the first things I’m going to do — I’m going to get a chef, so when I’m done with my workouts I can come home and eat great food to fuel my body and just relax. I think that’s been key. My mom has been doing all that for me right now, so it’s been awesome being home. Now the next step is putting on more muscle and gaining some weight before the season starts.”

This is a great first purchase for Burrow and for all professional athletes. When you don’t have to worry about what to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner and what you’ll be snacking on in between, you can focus on important things. You know, like being the quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals.

The personal chef will make sure Burrow puts on the right kind of healthy weight and is eating the right kinds of foods to make sure he has the right energy to go through workouts and maintain his stamina.

Burrow, unlike a 350-pound offensive lineman, isn’t one the Bengals have to worry about his body or eating the wrong kind of food, but this is another sign that Burrow is smart and has the right focus and attitude as he begins his NFL career.

If you were in Burrow’s shoes, what would be your first big purchase? A new car? A giant house? A house for mom? There are no wrong answers, so let us know in the comments.

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