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Houston Texans 2020 schedule predictions: Picking every game

Bill O'Brien, Houston Texans

Bill O’Brien, Houston Texans. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

After a controversial trade that shipped DeAndre Hopkins out of town, can the Houston Texans manage to stay on top of the AFC South?

Bill O’Brien has given the Houston Texans faithful a lot of reasons to shake their heads over the last couple of seasons. But trading star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona earlier this year may have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

That said, there’s a lot of work to be done if they intend on defending that coveted AFC South trophy.

Here’s a few predictions to get us all ready for the 2020 campaign, as we go week-by-week.

Weeks 1-4


Houston Texans


Kansas City Chiefs


The opening game of the 2020 season. Not ideal for Houston. Remember the AFC Divisional game last year when the Texans held a 24-0 lead and then lost by 20 points? I think we all do, and it was ugly. Much like this week is going to be.

At least the food is good in Kansas City, because the game will be rough. Again.


Baltimore Ravens


Houston Texans


It doesn’t matter if it’s at home or in Baltimore. The Ravens are always tough to play, and this week will likely be no different. Expect a long day in Houston. If you’re doubting it, think about what happened last year and remember the Ravens improved this season and the Texans most-certainly did not.


Houston Texans


Pittsburgh Steelers


If the Steelers can manage to stay healthy, they could be problematic for a lot of teams. And one of those teams just happen to be traveling to Pittsburgh this week. Sorry, Houston. The Steelers have an argument as the third-best team in the AFC.


Minnesota Vikings


Houston Texans


The Texans will making a run through the NFC North this year, which won’t be a pleasant experience for Bill O’Brien’s squad. Hopefully this will end a little better than the rest of those, as close as it may be. Minnesota could pull out a win on the road, but the Texans have enough to win behind Watson.

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