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Tom Brady’s biggest offseason goal was a twist of the knife to Patriots fans

Tom Brady had one goal this offseason in Tampa Bay, and it’s a twist of the knife to Patriots fans.

New England Patriots fans still upset that Tom Brady walked out the door on them might want to brace themselves — the hits keep on coming.

Brady left New England after almost two decades with the team, and his first big request, once he got to Tampa Bay, was an unintentional twist of the knife to fans he left behind. According to Bucs head coach Bruce Arians, Brady didn’t want roster control but wanted to make sure Rob Gronkowski was part of the plan.

“[Roster control] was never a conversation,” Arians said on the Pat MacAfee Show. “The big thing for him was getting Gronk back.”

Come on? Who wouldn’t want one of the best tight ends in NFL history to come out of retirement to enjoy some Florida sun with him? There’s nothing out-of-the-normal with a move like that.

Pressing the Bucs management to trade for Gronk could be a sign that Brady truly wants to stick it to the Patriots, as sort of a way to combat the notion that Bill Belichick deserves all of the credit for New England’s sustained success. It was no secret that the head coach wanted Jimmy Garoppolo to take over the franchise, s maybe Brady does have an ax to grind with the Patriot.

The real conspiracy theorists will dive not into whether Brady called Gronk out of retirement to help him but to further fortify his side of the story in the process. Having his future Hall of Fame tight end retire to get away from the Patriots but come back to the league to play with him only paints Brady in a brighter light than the organization he left behind.

Being that Gronk coming to Tampa Bay was of utmost importance to Brady seems to only confirm that this was a twist of the knife type of move. Of course, Brady’s gripe — assuming he has one — is with the Patriots which unfortunately makes fans in New England collateral damage as he begins his revenge tour.

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