Patriots fans should be very unsettled by Josh McDaniels’ evaluation of Cam Newton

If Josh McDaniels is the coach-in-waiting for the Patriots, his Cam Newton evaluation should make fans very nervous.

Cam Newton seems to be an obvious solution for the New England Patriots quarterback problem. It appears, however, that Josh McDaniels isn’t interested.

McDaniels isn’t the general manager and isn’t the head coach, but he’s long been rumored to be the heir to Bill Belichick’s throne. Among the long list of reasons that should worry Patriots fans, his evaluation of Cam Newton should worry fans who want a glimpse into what the decision-making might look like under McDaniels’ rule.

It doesn’t take a football savant to see that Newton works in New England. It’d be a combination of all the right ingredients to cook up a Super Bowl season:  A contending team with a good head coach in Bill Belichick, a good offensive coordinator in Josh McDaniels, and a dynamic All-Pro quarterback in Newton.

McDaniels, however, seems to be the reason the Patriots aren’t interested in Newton.

The Athletic reported that Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels wasn’t “necessarily high” on Newton, a first-overall pick out of Auburn in 2011, when he spoke to the Panthers about their head-coaching vacancy — which ultimately went to Matt Rhule  — this offseason.


This is a problem, for a number of reasons but chief among them being no one in their right mind would rather have Jarrett Stidham quarterbacking their offense over Cam Newton. The two Auburn alum might have had impressive college careers, but Newton is far and away the better option at quarterback.

Newton took the Panthers to a Super Bowl in 2015 after going 15-1 and he was the league MVP. He’s always been a game changer, making plays with both his arm and his legs and his fiery attitude kept the Panthers relevant since he was drafted first overall by them in 2011.

All signs point towards the Patriots skipping out on Newton and settling for Stidham being a giant mistake. The defense is good enough to win them games all on its own (as we saw last season), and adding in not only a healthy Newton but a motivated Newton — one with a chip on his shoulder to match his head coach — is dangerous for the rest of football.

Maybe we’ll all be wrong about Stidham and he’ll come in and light up the league, but passing on Cam Newton is probably going to be something the Patriots regret, and is a critical insight into what the team might look like if McDaniels is handed the keys in the near future.

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