Please tell us the Rams new uniforms are a late April Fool’s joke

The Los Angeles Rams forgot what day it is because they must think it’s April Fool’s Day with their underwhelming and well past due uniform reveal.

When Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder wished us a Happy Thanksgiving in January, we thought we had seen everything. Well, think again. The Los Angeles Rams released new uniforms in what has to be the worst April Fool’s joke ever.

Not only is it a month late, but it’s not a joke at all.

Let’s spare the hyperbole: They’re B-A-A-A-A-A-A-D.

When you relocate a franchise in Madden and need to rename your team, this is the type of uniform you end up designing as an amateur professional uniform designer.

All the Rams had to do was listen to Eric Dickerson and use the uniforms he starred in back in the 1980s. They’re great and are one of the best the NFL has ever seen. You don’t change perfection, and that’s what the Rams did here.

Have you ever heard of kintsugi? It’s the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery where something can be fixed but never truly be the same. That’s basically what we’ve got here. The Rams departure from the 1970s and 1980s look was criminal, but we dealt with it because “The Greatest Show on Turf” was so damn captivating.

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After realizing that the Aughts look wasn’t going to cut in it a city of stars, the Rams went way old school with the Deacon Jones era white horns look. It was fine, but a less bland version of what we loved Dickerson, Jackie Slater and Jack Youngblood became Pro Football Hall of Famers wearing. That’s what it should have been.

Perhaps most importantly, all other iterations of the Rams uniforms have had one common thread: The horn logo. It’s an iconic logo, one that seemed impossible to get wrong given its simplicity and the fact that it’s the only thing that has ever worked no matter how bad the uniform combinations have been. The cherry on top of this awful uniform we’ll see every Sunday is that the iconic Rams horn has been turned into what appears to be a cheap Chargers knock-off.

You can fix something that’s broken, but it’ll never truly be the same.

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