Rams can’t change their new uniforms for a few years, so you better get used to the look

The new Rams uniforms are here to stay and NFL rules say they can’t change them again for a few years, so good or bad, you better get used to the new look.

The new Los Angeles Rams uniforms are here to stay for at least a few years, so get used to it.

The Rams unveiled their new era jerseys Wednesday, May 13. The new uniforms are a part of the “Rams New Look” rebranding campaign the team has gone under for the 2020 season and beyond. They unveiled a new logo, earlier this offseason. While the uniforms definitely had shock value, it probably wasn’t the shock they intended from the NFL community.

One Twitter account tweeted a gif of Kawhi Leonard praying while captioning “plz tell me this ain’t the real uniforms.”

Another tweeted a gif of Britney Spears shaking her head “no.”

Knowing theses uniforms are here to stay, Rams fans should embrace them. While this may be an eyesore to opposing fans, use that narrative when backing this team. Flip this as another reason teams should fear playing the Rams, as they are a team the opposition doesn’t want to see.

When opposing teams play at SoFi Stadium, Rams‘ supporters should be decked in the new gear to swarm the opposing team when they look up in the stands. Well, that is probably a feature that may not happen until the 2021 season if the NFL plays this upcoming season without fans, but you get the point.

On the bright side, the Rams now have the most unique jersey set in the NFL. Under the Los Angeles sun, there will be no jersey that shines brighter than their home option dubbed as Royal x Yellow. As far as jersey sales go, this will definitely weed out the diehard fans from the bandwagons.

The quicker these uniforms are accepted, the more likely they are to rub off on folks. And all of sudden they’ll release their new uniforms before you even know it. Only then we’ll see if the future holds an upgrade or did the NFL community take the Rams 2020 new era uniforms for granted.

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