Las Vegas Raiders all-time players Mount Rushmore

Raiders WR Tim Brown (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)

There have been plenty of legendary players in the history of the Las Vegas Raiders franchise, and here are the ones who make our Mount Rushmore.

In the history of the Raiders franchise, there have been some incredibly talented players, helping the organization to three Super Bowl titles. Between the players who put on the Silver and Black, and the figures in the organization from owners to coaches, you cannot write the history of the NFL without the Raiders.

Established in January of 1960, the Raiders have moved around from Oakland, to Los Angeles, back to Oakland, and now Las Vegas. Through it all, they have had their moments of dominance, and moments of decline, all the while keeping one of the more loyal fanbases in all of professional sports.

Winners of three Super Bowls, the Raiders have sent numerous players to the Hall of Fame, including the four players who have been included on our mountainside. As the organization moves into their exciting next chapter in Sin City, homage will always be paid to the past, as the Raidders have one of the richest histories in football.

Here is our all-time Raiders players Mount Rushmore in alphabetical order.

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