Pros and cons of Seahawks trading Russell Wilson before 2022

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It’s come to light in recent days that the Seattle Seahawks might consider trading their franchise quarterback Russell Wilson. What are the pros and cons should he get traded prior to 2022?

Russell Wilson will — in all likelihood — be on the Seahawks roster this year and will be the one taking snaps for them when the 2020 season kicks off (hopefully it does indeed kick off). Wilson not being a Seahawk seemed unfathomable a few days ago, but Pro Football Talk brought to light that there were discussions to send Wilson to Cleveland in 2018 in exchange for the number one overall pick.

While Wilson is probably still the starting quarterback in Seattle this year, maybe he’s wearing a different uniform as early as next year. Let’s look at the pros and cons of the Seahawks trading him in the next two years.


Teams are always looking for the next big thing, especially when it comes to the quarterback position. Russell Wilson is 31 years old (turning 32 in November) and with his style of play, it would make sense for the Seahawks to be looking for their next quarterback. Running quarterbacks take a lot more hits than pocket quarterbacks do.

This year’s draft class has two sensational quarterback prospects including Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence and Ohio State’s Justin Fields, both of whom would probably love to play for a team like Seattle. While it’s doubtful whoever ends up with the number one pick would be willing to trade it, perhaps the Seahawks could make a deal with whoever is second or third and get Fields instead.

This would allow them to move on from Wilson while he’s still desirable and also land their signal caller of the future.

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