Odell Beckham Jr. savagely roasted Myles Garrett on Twitter

Odell Beckham Jr. joked with his teammate Myles Garrett on Twitter how a rear end pat gets OBJ charged for assault but not Dennis Rodman or Karl Malone.

Perhaps Odell Beckham Jr. doesn’t know his own strength.

Cleveland Browns teammates Beckham Jr. and Myles Garrett were having some fun on Twitter Monday. The day after the finale of the Chicago Bulls “The Last Dance” documentary, Garrett tweeted a video of the NBA finals matchup between Bulls’ Dennis Rodman and Utah Jazz’s Karl Malone. The video shows the rival players exchanging a friendly slap on the rear.


“How @obj thought spanking the cop was gonna go,” Garrett tweeted followed by two skull emojis.

Garrett is referring to an incident that occurred in the locker room of the NCAA Football National Championship Game on Jan. 13. LSU alum Beckham Jr. was in the locker room celebrating their victory. While celebrating, he patted one of the officers on the rear.

Consequently, there was a warrant issued for Beckham Jr.’s arrest. While Beckham Jr. had once faced battery charges for the incident, the officer reportedly chose not to pursue that charge. Beckham Jr. would only be charged for simple assault.

Making light of the situation, Beckham Jr. responded back to Garrett’s tweet, trolling his teammate over his own incident this past year.

“Wait a min!!!! That wasn’t even the worst part …. the worst part was I got charged wit assault….. and u somehow didn’t !!!” Beckham Jr. tweeted followed by six crying laughing emojis, “only in America.”

After Garrett swung his helmet at Mason Rudolph, there were some questions about whether the incident would be taken to the legal system beyond Garrett’s league punishment. Garrett didn’t face charges, but OBJ got a good laugh in at his teammate’s expense.

It sure seems a slap on the rear should only be settled as an eye for an eye, or in this case, a butt cheek for a butt cheek as those were the terms for Rodman and Malone’s exchange.

But in the case of Beckham Jr., perhaps he doesn’t know his own strength. Or maybe pats on the rear is one of those things that you could do in the 90s but not in this day in 2020. What was seen as not even a technical foul or simple foul on the basketball court in the 90s, can have someone face battery charges or at the least a simple assault charge in the court of law in 2020.

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