Darren Woodson: Dak Prescott would have been signed if he was Tony Romo

Dallas Cowboys legend Darren Woodson believes if Dak Prescott played more like Tony Romo he’d be paid handsomely already. What are we missing here?

Darren Woodson has an interesting opinion on the Dak Prescott contract extension saga.

The former Dallas Cowboys defensive back great appeared on the first episode of The Big Lead‘s In My Bag with Brian Giuffra, discussing all things sports media and “America’s Team.” Woodson was asked if there is any truth to the notion of Prescott would have been signed already if he was Tony Romo. His response certainly makes you think about the ongoing contract negotiations.

Woodson believes the Cowboys do respect where Prescott came from, just like they did with Romo. While Prescott was drafted in the fourth round out of Mississippi State, Romo did go undrafted out of Eastern Illinois. So it’s not really a matter or loyalty, but more of a matter of perception with these two quarterbacks.

“The one thing about Tony was he’s a true passing quarterback,” said Woodson to Giuffra. “He’s a pure pocket passer. I think there is something to be said about a lot of owners around the league that like that. They feel like they’re more attracted to a guy who’s a [pure passer].”

“I think ownerships should start to understand that the game is changing. A lot of these young men now coming in, they’re dual-threats…I think there are some criticisms of Dak as far as being a pure passer. I think there is some hesitancy to pay him because he’s not a pure passer, but I think the guy is a pure winner.”

What people are continually failing to realize is Prescott ran the same college offense under Dan Mullen at Mississippi State that turned Alex Smith and Tim Tebow into first-round picks. Granted, Utah and Florida were buzzsaws when Mullen was Urban Meyer’s offensive coordinator. However, what Prescott did in Starkville has transferred marvelously to the pro game, so pay the man.

Did Prescott run the ball a lot at Mississippi State? Yes, but so did Smith in Utah and Tebow at Florida. It’s nothing new, and Prescott has a chance to have a better career than the former No. 1 overall pick by the 2005 San Francisco 49ers. He’s already eclipsed Tebow professionally. Prescott could end up surpassing Romo in Dallas if given a long-term extension by the Cowboys.

So what if the Cowboys have a new head coach in Mike McCarthy? Guess what? He was the offensive coordinator of those lousy 2005 49ers who drafted Smith No. 1 overall out of Utah. In year four out of Mississippi State, Prescott is more dynamic of a player than Smith ever was in the Bay Area, as he really found his way playing under Andy Reid with the Kansas City Chiefs.

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The Cowboys should listen to Woodson. He’s harping on looking at where the league is going vs. where the league has been. If you have a quarterback like Prescott, Romo or even Danny White for that matter, you pay him to give your team the stability it needs to be successful. Prescott doesn’t have to be Troy Aikman or Roger Staubach, he only needs to be himself to keep on winning big.

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