Tom Brady trolled the Falcons and is already more fun with the Bucs

After coming back from down 28-3 in 2017 to beat the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl, Tom Brady is back to trolling his now division rival.

A friendly reminder to NFL fans, not friendly if you’re from Atlanta, but Tom Brady once led the New England Patriots back from 28-3 to win a Super Bowl over the Atlanta Falcons. While many social media accounts would consistently troll the Falcons, Brady didn’t join in on the fun until recently.

With the “My Plans/2020” memes circulating on Twitter, ESPN took time to add to the trolling of the Falcons with another 28-3 reference. Brady then joined in on the fun, quote tweeting ESPN’s tweet and adding one of the many iconic Michael Jordan gifs from The Last Dance to the original tweet.

After their epic collapse in Super Bowl 51, the last thing the Falcons could have possibly wanted was to see Brady join their division. Not only will Brady own them on social media, he will now have the opportunity to play, and beat, Atlanta twice per season.

Maybe this time Atlanta will be able to jump out to an early lead, and actually hold it this time.

Seeing this tweet raises another interesting question, though. Is Brady already more fun with Tampa Bay than he ever was with the Patriots? It’s a fair thing to say as Brady has really made his social media presence known over the last couple of months since signing with the Bucs.

This isn’t to say he wasn’t fun in New England, but many have made their opinions heard on “The Patriot Way” and how it was all business, and no fun. Brady has not had anything negative to say about New England, but his actions already show he is more laid back down in Florida.

It’s hard to questions “The Patriot Way,” as six Super Bowl championships in the last 20 years in absolutely nothing to sneeze at. But Brady, who will be 43 when the season kicks off, perhaps wanted a new, and more laid back challenge.

It remains to be seen whether this “new” and more easy-going Brady will yield similar success in Tampa Bay this year. But we know one thing, and that no matter what happens, Brady is going to have a fun time doing it.

Quite honestly, it’s hard to blame him. Brady already has won plenty of Super Bowls, MVPs and is a sure-fire Hall of Famer. So if you’re him, why not go into an environment where you still have a chance to win, but have some fun while you’re at it?

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